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With a range of innovative and performance-led products, Kohe helps everyone be at their creative best. Be it preparing unique food-art for a party or a simple yet appealing salad decoration, do anything and everything with precision through Kohe products.


Indulge in the Exquisite Delight: Mango Dry Fruit Ice Cream ASMR Experience

Veg Biryani ASMR: Slicing and Dicing with Kohe Knife and Peeler

Relishing Fusion Delights: The Paratha Pizza Extravaganza

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Soothing Symphony: Exploring the Delightful World of Mix Veg ASMR

Pan-grilled Veg Cheese Sandwich ASMR

Sensational Hakka Noodles: A Culinary Journey with Kohe Utility Knife and Y-Type Peeler ASMR

Soothing Chopping ASMR with Kohe Utility Knife: A Culinary Symphony

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Divine Delights: Vrat Wale Aloo Recipe by Nidhi

Delicious and Nutritious Instant Oats Paddu Recipe by Deepa Hedge

Kohe Veg Besan Toast

Kohe Recipe Veggies Indian Pizza

Colesaw Sandwich by Chef Sonali Mishra

A snack that is quick, easy to make, and gives a wholesome taste of pizza in tiny pockets.

What's better than pasta on a lazy evening? Get an easy-to-make pasta recipe from Chef Siddhant.

Take a break from traditional sweets and treat yourself to a brownie this festive season!

Happiness comes in different forms, one such is a wholesome Burrito Bowl. Perfect brunch or lunch!

Fruit Sundae by Chef Siddhant

Maggie with a twist!

Kohe is Bhagyashree's kitchen partner, tune in to the video for insight.

Pistachio with saffron frosting by Hina Gujral

Mawa cake by Lata


Open cheese toast by Shruti Teotia and Deepti Jain

Beetroot Poriyal by Pooja

Mexican Burrito by Fabulous Flavours

How a perfect kitchen tool makes your job super easy

Creamy baked Vegetable by Juhi

Mediterranean Style Lentil Salad by Hina

Homemade pizza by Harpreet

Pav Bhaji by Smita Bansal

Vegetable Saute by Veebha Anand

Fruit art for fussy eaters by Tannaz Irani

Mix Vegetable by Delnaaz Irani

Veggies-Loaded Besan Chilla Toast

Fruit Custard Recipe by My Jain Recipes

Brinjal & Potato fritters by Prerna Garg

Paneer Tikka by Rakovine Anna

Veg Tawa Fry Recipe by Haya Kshipra

Raw Papaya Salad by Chef Anish Deshmukh

Pear Frangipane Tart by Chef Shalini Digvijay

Smoked Soya Noodle Wraps with Kachumbar Salad by Chef Heena Vallecha

Rice Cake Canapes with Paneer & Corn Bhurji by Chef Gaurav Chawla

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Mexican Quesadilla stuffed with Organic veggies by chef Varun Bajaj

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Spinach and corn Canape by chef Varun Bajaj

Sprouts and Oats Bhelpuri by chef Varun Bajaj