Colesaw Sandwich by Chef Sonali Mishra

30th Jan 2023

About the Chef

In this video of Kohe, we have Chef Sonali Mishra with us. She is an amazing cook and has a huge fan following. She is with us today, using Kohe products and cooking something delicious. Chef Sonali leaves in awe with her style of cooking and the magic in her hands. Let us see what she cooks today for us.

In the video of Kohe, our talented chef Sonali Mishra is using Kohe Products. The Chef is seen chopping the veggies with style and comfort. Kohe gives the pleasure to the cook to work easily in the kitchen. Kohe presents amazing Knives, Peelers, pizza cutter and other essential products that makes our work easy and comfortable in the kitchen. Kohe products empowers an individual with smart, durable and efficient kitchen tools. They are easy to use and have comfortable grips which protects the user from any type of cut and harm.

In this video, the chef is making mouth-watering Colesaw sandwich. For making the sandwich, the chef has Chopped onions, cabbage, capsicum, used grated carrot and spring onion which is finely chopped, and garlic. After chopping the veggies with Kohe Knife, the chef is preparing a sauce. With 2 tablespoon yogurt, 2 tablespoon mayonnaise, some garlic powder, salt and pepper. Mix everything well. Now after making the paste, mix the paste with veggies and combine everything nicely.  The delicious filling is ready in no time.

After mixing everything, spread the filling on bread well.  Before spreading the mix on the bread, cut the edges and afterwards, cut it from the centre using the Kohe Pizza Cutter. The pizza cutter looks so stylish and amazing.  The coleslaw sandwich is ready to serve. Serve it with different chutneys and dips for making it more delicious and enjoy it with Kohe.