Take a break from traditional sweets and treat yourself to a brownie this festive season!

31st Aug 2022

Every meal is incomplete without a dessert. If you are a person with sweet tooth, this recipe is for you. Delicious-mouth watering chocolate brownies to fulfil your cravings in no time!

We have Chef Siddhant in our video who gives quick and easy recipes to fulfil our cravings. In this video, Chef Siddhant has used Kohe knife and Kohe bread knife to make luscious brownies. Firstly, the chef has taken dark chocolate cubes and sliced it using the Kohe Knife. Then he has put the chocolate container above a pan so that the chocolate could melt easily without burning. Then he has mixed some butter, cream and milk into it. Then added some flour and choco chips and stirred it well so that it turns into a not-so thick batter. In the last step, spread the batter into a mould and use some almonds in it. Microwave the batter and cut it into pieces. Your delicious brownie is ready in no time. These brownies look so irresistible. Now you can enjoy the tasty brownies with your loved ones with this Kohe recipe. Kohe products are hassle free and comes with zero risks for your lovely hands.

We make sure that the best and quickest recipe reaches to you for your convenience and taste. Each recipe is prepared keeping in mind the ease of the viewers. The Kohe knives are easy to handle and risk-free for your perfect experience in the kitchen. Stay with us for more such recipes!

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