Pistachio with saffron frosting by Hina Gujral

17th Jan 2022

For your sweet tooth, we have brought to you a lip-smacking Pistachio Cake with frosting recipe. The very talented and amazing Chef Hina Gujral has prepared this mouth-watering Pistachio Cake which leaves us craving for it more and more.

In this video by Kohe, the chef has used premium quality knives by Kohe to assist her in the kitchen and bake the cake smoothly. Firstly, she has chopped off some pistas and mixed them with rose flower petals. In a bowl, she has taken semolina, pista, baking powder, milk, sugar, cardamom powder, ghee, curd and stirred it well to make the batter for the cake. Then the chef has poured the batter in a mould and microwaved it. Separately in a bowl, she has taken cream and whipped it to make frosting for the cake. After the baking is done, she used the Kohe knife to spread the frosting smoothly on the delicious fluffy cake and sprinkled some crushed pista over it to make it look more mouth-watering.

The way the chef has cooked the tempting pistachio cake is so magnificent. it is quick and easy to make. We can try this at homes and Kohe knives are always there to assist us in the kitchen. This cake is the perfect dessert for your special dinners and parties. take out some time, bake it today and do not forget to use Kohe knives!

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