Veg Biryani ASMR: Slicing and Dicing with Kohe Knife and Peeler

Kohe a cut above
13th Jun 2024

Have you ever found yourself lost in the sounds of cooking? The rhythmic chop of a knife, the satisfying scrape of a peeler, or the gentle bubbling of a pot—all these noises can be strangely soothing. This time, we're using a Kohe knife and peeler to make a simple, delicious veg biryani.

First up, let's gather the ingredients: a couple of carrots, potatoes, and a handful of green beans. Don't forget the star of the dish—rice! We like basmati for its long grains and fragrant aroma. We'll also need some onions, tomatoes, and a mix of spices like cumin, turmeric, and garam masala. Oh, and don't forget a bit of ghee or oil for sautéing.

Now, let's get into the ASMR of it all. As we pull out the veggies from the fridge, there's a gentle thud as they land on the cutting board. The Kohe knife slides through them like butter, making that crisp "shhht" sound with each slice. It's almost therapeutic. Carrots and potatoes get peeled, and the sound of the peeler gliding across the skin is oddly calming. The peeling produces these long, curly strips that fall into the sink with a satisfying swish.

Next, we chop the onions and tomatoes. The onion makes a crunch as we cut it, and the tomatoes give off a soft, squishy sound. Then, it's time to sauté everything. The sizzle as the veggies hit the hot ghee is like music to our ears. It’s a lively sound that makes you hungry just by listening.

When the spices go in, there's a new layer of sound. The cumin seeds crackle, the turmeric sizzles, and the aroma of garam masala fills the kitchen. Finally, in goes the rice, and as it starts to cook, you hear that gentle bubbling, like a gentle stream. It's a comforting sound that tells us dinner's almost ready.

Products Used 

Chef Knife

Y-Type Serrated Peeler