17th Jan 2022

In this video of Kohe quick and easy recipes, we are making Delicious Spinach and Cheese quesadillas.

With kohe’s knives which are easy to handle, firm and sharp edged, the amazing Chef Kritesh Taneja is preparing this cheese quesadilla. This mouth watering dish is easy to make and require ingredients which are easily available at homes.

First of all, the chef has chopped off some mushrooms, carrots, capsicum, spinach with the help of premium quality Kohe knife. In a pan, put some butter and then mix mushrooms, cheese and spinach. Saute it for a while and add some chilli flakes as per your taste. Put the pan aside and take another pan with some butter. Fry other veggies in this pan and add chilli powder, black pepper and salt. Now take a tortilla and the cheese masala and veggie masala into it. apply maida slurry on the sides and fold it into a square shape wrap. Take a grilling pan and cook from both sides.

Serve it hot with cheese dips. And your tempting spinach and cheese quesadillas are ready in no time. This recipe is so easy to make and it is the best dish to fulfil your cravings. Chef Kritesh has wonderfully described the recipe. Along with this, Kohe knives are always there to assist you in the kitchen. The comfortable grips and easy to handle knife are your best companion for kitchen.

Enjoy these tasty quesadillas at home with your loved ones.

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