Veggies-Loaded Besan Chilla Toast

04th Jun 2021

About Sampada Joshi: Not everyone is fond of cooking but once we start doing it passionately, we cannot stop ourselves from trying something new every day. Such is the story of Sampada Joshi, a food blogger, who started her cooking journey without much interest but now she gives amazing recipes, which are easy and quick to cook.


•  Besan - 1.5 cups
•  Rice flour- Half cup
•  Turmeric powder- Half tablespoon
•  Red chilli powder – One tablespoon
•  Coriander powder - One tablespoon
•  Asafoetida (hing) - 1/4 tablespoon
•  Carrom seeds (ajvain) - 1 to 2 tablespoon
•  Salt- As per taste

Finely chopped

•  Red bell pepper – 1/2
•  Yellow bell pepper- 1/2
•  Capsicum – 1 small
•  Zucchini – 1/2
•  Onion- 1
•  Carrot- 1 small
•  Coriander - handful
(Any other veggies of your choice)
•  Bread slices (As per your hunger)
•  Oil to cook (1-2 tablespoon)


•  In a large bowl, take some besan and rice flour. You can also add rava to it. (Optional)
•  Now add spices like turmeric, red chili powder, coriander powder, hing, hand crushed ajvain, and salt. All of these as per taste.
• Mix all the dry ingredients.
• Gradually add water and keep whisking until it reaches a semi-liquid consistency. It should neither be too thick nor too runny.
• Now add all the chopped veggies of your choice and mix well.
• Now, dip a bread slice to coat it in the batter nicely. Remember, not to dip for a long time. Otherwise, the slice will break.
•  Pan toast the slice on heated oil/butter from both sides till crisp and golden brown.
•  Serve hot with your choice of dip.