3 Ways to Use A Bread Knife Not - Just for Bread

18th Aug 2020

You might wonder why you need a knife that can only be used for cutting breads. Well, a serrated bread knife is one of the go-to knives in the kitchen because it can be used for a diverse variety of tasks. The serrations along its cutting edge give the bread knife some distinct advantages when it comes to handling a wide range of foods and cutting tasks. Here are a few ways to use a bread knife.

1. Using a Bread Knife for Fruits and Vegetables

The serrated edge of the bread knife makes it ideal for slicing through soft and delicate foods. You can use a bread knife to dice vegetables like tomatoes or cut perfect slices of citrus fruits without applying extra pressure. It protects the food from squashing and cuts the perfect slice every time. The saw-like blade works a treat on other tender-flesh fruits like peaches and watermelons. It is also a perfect tool for removing the crown of the pineapple.

2. Using a Bread Knife for Sweets

If you are someone who loves baking, you will definitely want to keep a bread knife in your kitchen. Not only does it glide easily through your cake, but its long-serrated blade also allows you to slice through the entire layer in just one go, creating the perfect slice every time. You can also use the knife to prepare ingredients that go with your dessert prep. These sharp serrated knives can easily break a block of chocolate into small pieces, which can be used for mixing in batters or for decorating your dessert. The bread knife is also an ideal tool for levelling your cakes evenly.

3. Using a Bread Knife for Bread

You can use a bread knife to slice all kinds of breads. Whether soft or crusty loaves of bread, the bread knife cuts through effortlessly. The knife can also be used for cutting sandwiches into perfect pieces.