Open cheese toast by Shruti Teotia and Deepti Jain

17th Jan 2022

In this video of Kohe, we have with us the very skilled and brilliant Chef Shruti and Chef Deepti. They are cooking today open cheese toast for us by using premium quality Kohe knives. With kohe knife in your hand, there is zero risk of self-cut.

For cooking this delicious crispy open cheese toast, you need the following ingredients: - capsicum, tomato, onion, breads, schezwan chutney, cheese, salt, chilli flakes and oregano seasoning. Firstly, chop off all the veggies in really small pieces and mix them. the Kohe kitchen knife is so handy and have a comfortable grip which makes the work in the kitchen really quick and subtle. Now take bread loafs and apply schezwan chutney on them according to your need and taste. Spread the veggie mixture over the bread loaf and grate a lot of cheese over it. now sprinkle chilli flakes and seasoning. Put the breads in microwave and cook them for a while till it turns a little brown-red and crispy.

Your delicious mouth-watering open cheese toast is ready! Cut them diagonally into pieces and enjoy the amazing snacks on your lazy evenings. The premium quality of Kohe knives is your best companion while cooking. The brilliant chefs have given us this easy to make recipe which takes less than an hour to prepare. So, lets get into the kitchen and make this tasty dish today!

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