Fruit Sundae by Chef Siddhant

28th Jul 2022

In today’s recipe of kohe, we are supporting a healthy and tasty lifestyle. It is very important to have right nutrients in your plate when you need to go through a hectic day. It is crucial to consume a healthy amount of nutrients and minerals for the well-functioning of our body too.

The brilliant Chef Siddhant has given us this delicious glass of fruits with the right and tasty fruit pieces. It looks so delicious that you’ll be left with no choice but to make this at homes.

By using kohe knives and fruit peeler, it is easy to prepare this fruit sundae within minutes. The chef has used Apples, kiwi, banana, mango, pomegranate, cherry, ice-cream and chiku for making this mouth-watering fruit sundae. The way the chef is slicing the fruits is so mesmerising, the viewers can keep watching the video in repeat mode and will be left with more cravings.  This a great combination of fruits and ice-cream. The different colours of tasty fruits and the melting vanilla ice-cream has given it a colourful and delightful texture and look which makes it more desirous.

You need to cook this at home at the earliest and turn your boring day into this colourful and bright Fruit Sundae. Stay connected with Kohe for more of such interesting recipes.

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