Spinach and corn Canape by chef Varun Bajaj

27th Apr 2020

About Varun Bajaj : A young Entrepreneur Director and Founder of Innovative chefs space solutions, a brand representative company handling the new international companies business tie-up in India. Chef  Professional Work experience of over 12 years in Hotels, Technological Kitchens, FMCG and food service sector .He has been an Instrumental Chef in Changing the way India Cooks with technology based cooking systems and was youngest Corporate Chef at the age of 23 and handled operations with  Electrolux Rational and Nestle India.


  • Boil the fresh clean spinach leaves.
  • Chop the fresh boiled corn kernel’s .
  • Dice and chop the bell peppers.
  • Take a bowl add cheese dip, chopped spinach ,corn,bellpepper.
  • Add salt,whitepepper powder,chilliflakes and mix well. 
  • Slice the strawberries, and place it on the salt cracker.
  • Roll the mixture and place it on the strawberries and garnish it with sliced olives.


Spinach leaves



500 gm

Fresh Boiled Corn Kernel’s


200 gm

Bell Pepper



100 gm

Peri -Peri cheese dip


20 gm



10 gm

White pepper pd


5 gm

Chilli flakes


2 gm

Fresh strawberries



100 gm

Salt Cracker


10 no’s

Black olives



10 gm