Happiness comes in different forms, one such is a wholesome Burrito Bowl. Perfect brunch or lunch!

31st Aug 2022

A bowl full of health and happiness. Let’s make it on our own!

In the latest video of Kohe, the amazing chef Siddhant is cooking a bowl full of happiness which is the Burrito Bowl. Chef Siddhant has amazingly used Kohe Scissors and Knife for preparing this Burrito Bowl. In the video, the chef has used the following ingredients- onion, bell pepper, tomato, corn, green chilli, Dhaniya, Lemon, Rice, Kidney Beans.

Firstly, the chef has chopped all the veggies using the kohe knife very smoothly, the veggies sliced into thin pieces looks very delicious. The chef has sautéed the veggies in a pan in some better to give it a raw taste and look. The rice has been boiled and cooked properly. The veggies have been mixed to make salad out of it. In a bowl, the chef has put some rice, kidney beans, the veggies and the tasty curd chutney. The process of cooking is so interesting and mouth-watering with Chef Siddhant.

It looks so tempting that the first thing you’ll do after watching the video is to collect the ingredients to make this super delicious bowl of burrito. The way the chef has chopped the veggies into thin slices and cubes leaves us in wonder. This Burrito Bowl is the best food for someone who leads a healthy and tasty life. A bowl full of tasty and health is rare to find. The  chef has given us this wonderful recipe which will leave us craving for it more and more.

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