Homemade pizza by Harpreet

Kohe a cut above
19th Aug 2021

About: Harpreet does more than lead a glamorous life; she is a cooking lover and a dedicated mother. She believes in creating masterpieces in the kitchen. Cooking makes her feel at the top of the world and she loves to invest in daily routine item that aids her love for cooking. This time, Harpreet made a lip-smacking pizza that she and her son absolutely loved. Her simple recipe using basic ingredients was literally a masterpiece. Want to know how she did it? Let’s dive in.


•  Pizza Base (You can get a ready-made pizza base from the market)
•  Fresh soft mozzarella cheese
•  Pizza sauce(you can also use tomato sauce as an alternative)
•  Freshly chopped onions, bell pepper, tomatoes, olives, and sweet corn


1) Preheat the pizza oven (or pizza pan or baking sheet).
2) Spread tomato sauce or pizza sauce on the pizza base.
3) Prepare the toppings. Cut all the veggies that you have.
4) Put freshly cut tomatoes, onions, bell pepper and olives on the pizza base. Be careful not to overload the pizza with too many toppings, or your pizza will be soggy.
5) Grate mozzarella cheese and sprinkle it on the veggies.
6) Sprinkle extra cheese to make the pizza cheesier.
7) Put the pizza in the preheated oven/pan.
8) Bake pizza in the 475°F oven. Bake it until the crust is browned and the cheese is golden, in about 10-15 minutes
9) And your delicious pizza is ready. Sprinkle chilli flakes or oregano as you like.
10) Serve with tomato sauce or mayo.

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