A snack that is quick, easy to make, and gives a wholesome taste of pizza in tiny pockets.

31st Aug 2022

A dish so flavoursome and mouth - watering that you can just keep watching the Kohe recipe video and never get tired of it. The way Kohe chef makes it look so easy leaves us viewers in awe of it.  In this tempting video of Kohe, the chef will be seen using the exquisite Kohe Knife for making delicious Pizza Pockets. A quick, easy, snack for your lazy day.

You can cook these heavenly pizza pockets by using ingredients easily available at homes. Ingredients used by the chef includes Bell Pepper, onion, tomato, Corn, Carrot, cornflour, oil, cheese, tomato sauce, spices including chilli flakes, oregano seasoning, salt and Black pepper. The chef has very smoothly made a dough of the cornflour and then made little pockets out of it. Simultaneously, cooked the veggies lightly in a pan with some butter and spices to give it a nice flavour. Filled the little pockets with this mouth-watering veggie filling and fried the little pockets of pizza in a pan till it turned a little brown-red. You can serve it with different types of sauces.

The Kohe chef has so beautifully and smoothly made irresistible little pockets of pizza. One bite of which can give you delight and happiness. The sharp-edged kohe knife used by the Kohe Chef has so smoothly chopped off the veggies and gave the dish a perfect look. It shows perfection and precision of the chef and has made the dish a perfect recipe for a perfect day.

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