Fruit art for fussy eaters by Tannaz Irani

19th Jun 2021

About Tannaz Irani: Tannaz Irani is an Indian actress. She has bagged her name with her class apart acting skills in Bollywood and Hindi TV serials. While she is known for her being a happy-go-lucky girl, Tannaz Irani has her style of feeding healthy food to her children. It is Food Art that she firmly believes in!

There is no denying the fact that children are fussy eaters. Giving them nutritious food which is high in fiber and full of the goodness of health is a task in itself. Food art is something that comes in handy! Food art is creating colorful and very attractive food decoration ideas that attract the children, fascinates them, and inspires them to taste the food.

The curiosity does all the work of giving them the best nutrition by turning ordinary food into an attraction. Not only does this help the parents feed the children but also boosts the creativity of the children when they talk about how they interpret the art in their imagination.

Food art helps in presenting the food as a canvas and helps turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with the same ingredients. The funny designs, building cartoon characters, making the plate bright and colorful, do the magic. Children love to explore each ingredient and almost eat everything on the plate while exploring or ruining the characters built with the food.

Do try it out with your kids and let us know their reaction.