Maggie with a twist!

16th May 2022

Try out a new recipe, Pan-Fried Delicious Maggi with this simple hack. Taking Maggi to the next level in a few minutes.

For this delicious Maggie, follow these simple steps:

1. Chop your favorite veggies like onion, broccoli, carrots, capsicum, zucchini, tomatoes, or any others of your choice.

2. For sauce add:

  • 1 TBSP Corn flour
  • ½ cup water
  • 2 TBSP schezwan sauce
  • 1 TBSP soya sauce
  • 1 TBSP red chili sauce
  • Maggi tastemaker


3. Heat oil in a pan and add boiled Maggi to it.

4. Let it cook till the time you can easily flip the entire Maggi.

5. Keep it aside.

6. Add oil to another pan and let it heat.

7. Add veggies and sauce to the oil and let it cook for a few minutes.

8. Add basil leaves and spring onion to the sauce.

9. Pour the sauce over the Pan-fried Maggi and ENJOY!

Try this and let us know how well it turned out.

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