Mawa cake by Lata

17th Jan 2022

In today’s video of Kohe, we are cooking delicious Mawa cake with the amazing Chef Lata. Mawa cake is a perfect blend and fusion of Indian and western taste. We are mixing our loved mawas in the batter of a cake to prepare the best fusion of all time. This is going to be so delicious that you won’t be able to resist yourselves. And in the process of cooking, kohe knives are there for us to give us a premium experience. Kohe knives are available in different sizes for the purposes of cooking. Ypou can select your companion as per your use and comfort.

To make this mawa cake you need – pistachios, almonds, saffron, rose petals, corn flour, rose essence. Using the Premium kohe knives slice the almonds into thin pieces and the pistachios as well. Mix the ingredients in a bowl and make the cake batter. Make sure the batter is not too thick and not too liquid also. The consistency should be balanced so as to make it fluffier. Spread the batter into a mould and sprinkle the mawas over it. Now put it in the microwave for getting baked. After appropriate time, take it out and use rose petal on it to make it look more delicious and colourful. Your delicious Mawa cake is ready within an hour.The way chef Lata has cooked the Mawa cake is amazing and easy. If you have a sweet tooth too cook it today and get mad over the taste of this Cake.

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