1148.1 (230mm)

Utility Knife (Medium)


  • Versatile knife excels at everyday task
  • Conically ground full length & crosswise blade to glide through
  • Ergonomically designed handle provides a sure grip & easy handling even when wet
  • Hygienic food grade polypropylene handle
  • High quality stainless steel blade


  • Chopping, slicing, dicing & mincing of small fruits & vegetables.
  • Utility Knife (Medium)
  • Utility Knife (Medium)
  • Utility Knife (Medium)
  • Utility Knife (Medium)
  • Utility Knife (Medium)
  • Colours:

kohe knives

In everyday life, Knives are a very helpful and important friend of our life that helps us to decorate our food platter with beautiful slices of fruits and vegetables. But yes, choose your best knife i.e., Utility knife (Medium). Do whatever you want to do and keep on shaping the fruits and vegetables into proper sizes. It is that safe and comfortable to use. Make fruit and vegetables' cutting and chopping joyful and entertaining with these Utility knives. These knives are well-dressed with crosswise blades. Often need to hold the knife with wet hands? Don't worry! Instead, enjoy holding utility knives that have ergonomically feasible handles. No rashes or the worst condition of hands are possible with these polypropylene handles. So why only slice or chop but try dicing too with the stainless steel blades of these utility knives. Even incorporate minced vegetables into dishes with the grace of Utility knives (Medium).

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