BK-1182.3 (344mm)

Small Bread Knife (Wide Serrated)


  • Conically ground on full length and crosswise blade
  • Laser tested cutting-edge angle to give 40% less initial cutting force
  • High quality stainless steel
  • Hygienic food grade polypropylene handle


  • Cutting soft & hard bread without load mashing.
  • Small Bread Knife (Wide Serrated)
  • Small Bread Knife (Wide Serrated)
  • Small Bread Knife (Wide Serrated)
  • Colours:

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Serve lip-smacking sandwiches to your kids and watch them disappear in minutes. A smiley face bread can end your child's hunger strike. It is common to find the bread of all types in every household. While removing the crust or cutting slices, you require flawlessly clean cuts lest your child reject them. By using our small bread knife, you can cut thin or thick, uniform bread slices.

Using this bread knife, you will have minimal crumb dispersion and no mashing or wastage of bread loaf. Laser-sharp serrations on the blade of our knife maintain the integrity of the bakery product. As a result, you can cut slices of bread, cakes, and pastries without creating a mess on the kitchen table. We use top-quality materials – stainless steel and polypropylene (food grade) to manufacture our bread knife. Our bread knife's conically ground blade, exceptional design, and construction will significantly reduce your cutting effort. In addition, there will be zero wrist tension when you use it. So introduce it now into your kitchen collection.

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