BK-1102.3 (433mm)

Large Bread Knife (Wide Serrated)


  • Conically ground on full length and crosswise blade
  • Laser tested cutting-edge angle to give 40% less initial cutting force
  • High quality stainless steel
  • Hygienic food grade polypropylene handle


  • Cutting soft & hard bread without load mashing.
  • Large Bread Knife (Wide Serrated)
  • Large Bread Knife (Wide Serrated)
  • Large Bread Knife (Wide Serrated)
  • Colours:

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Nowadays, running round the mill to earn a good lifestyle is a norm. In such haste, preparing an elaborate meal is out of the question. There is only time to fix a quick sandwich or bun for breakfast. Irregular bread pieces can ruin the small pleasure of a filling bread and jam. Additionally, using an ineffective knife wastes bread. Thus, we manufacture a large bread knife suitable for quick, smooth, and precise bread cutting.

You will be able to slice bread to perfection repeatedly using our knife. Wide sharp serrations on the blade saw through the crust without crumbling the softer bread interior. Our bread knife has laser-tested sharpness to reduce your cutting force significantly. We design the knife blade such that it glides through a bread loaf effortlessly. Due to its size, you can use this knife to cut through bakery foods of various shapes, sizes, and consistencies. A high-quality stainless steel blade and a food-grade polypropylene handle give it a long life.

Use our large bread knife for the cleanest cuts of bread, cakes, and tarts without crumbles.

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