1203.2 (146mm)

Y Type Serrated Peeler (Swivel Blade)


  • Glides through even soft / tough fruits & vegetables skin
  • Ultra sharp serrated edge helps to peel skin of waxy & slippery fruits & vegetables
  • Swivel blade peel easily with self adjustable action
  • Dual edges perform both side smoothly
  • Stainless steel blade for corrosion resistant
  • Provision for easy hanging
  • Food grade PP made ergonomic handle provide safety & durability for long period
  • Fast in use & easy to clean
  • Potato eye remover to dig out eyes & blemishes


  • Peeling along the length of any soft fruits & vegetables like Cucumber, Papaya & more.
  • Y Type Serrated Peeler (Swivel Blade)
  • Y Type Serrated Peeler (Swivel Blade)
  • Y Type Serrated Peeler (Swivel Blade)
  • Y Type Serrated Peeler (Swivel Blade)
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Hey, peeling fruits has become a very friendly task nowadays instead of being a stressful job. How? Well, Y Type Serrated Peelers have enabled the gliding of both vegetables and fruits simple and fast. No matter how hard or soft your vegetables and fruits are, the swivel blades are perfect for smooth and appropriate peeling. No need to worry if the skin is full of wax or slippery substances because the adjustable corrosion-free swivel blades are easy to handle. The blades are not only corrosion resistant but have dual edges also that are capable of peeling from both sides. These smooth peeling blades of Y Type Serrated Peeler are for your long use because they are highly durable and made of ergonomically designed broad handles. So keep it clean all the time, and keep on scraping the skins of papaya, carrot, beetroot, and others.

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