1103.1 (146mm)

Y Type Peeler (Swivel Blade)


  • Glides through even the tough fruits & vegetables skin
  • Ultra sharp straight edge for firm peel
  • Swivel blade peel easily with self adjustable action
  • Dual edges perform both side smoothly
  • Stainless steel blade for corrosion resistant
  • Provision for easy hanging
  • Food grade PP made ergonomic handle provide safety & durability for long period
  • Fast in use & easy to clean
  • Potato eye remover to dig out eyes & blemishes


  • Peeling along the length of any fruits & vegetables like Carrot, Radish & Ridge Gourd.
  • Y Type Peeler (Swivel Blade)
  • Y Type Peeler (Swivel Blade)
  • Y Type Peeler (Swivel Blade)
  • Y Type Peeler (Swivel Blade)
  • Y Type Peeler (Swivel Blade)
  • Colours:


Woo! The carrot is very hard to peel! Well, it is no more a big deal to wave off its skin just with a Kohe y-type peeler with a swivel blade. No matter how arrogant the fruits or vegetables are, this y-shaped peeler is well aware of how to keep them under control. Because their strength is the swivel blade with sharp dual edges that works on both sides simultaneously. You are free to use this seamlessly with its self-adjustable facility. Not only Radish, Carrot, or Ridge Gourd but enjoy potato removing its eye and worst patches with swivel bladed y-type peeler. So enjoy easy peeling with the comfortable handling of this peeler. Yes, its ergonomic spacious handle is perfect for food products and takes care of your hygiene at the time of peeling. So go on peeling the fruits or vegetables you want without any stress of it being corrosive. And of course, pamper yourself with its easy cleaning and durability assurance. So hats off to fine and error-free peeling with Kohe Y Type Peeler (Swivel Blade)!

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