Kohe participates in Aahar 2022

From April 26th to 30th, Delhi hosted the 36th edition of AHAAR – The International Food and Hospitality Fair, a flagship B2B event organised by the India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO). The 5-day business extravaganza hosted some of Asia’s best-known brands from the food and hospitality industry, Kohe being one of them.

During the 5-day fair, the Kohe stall was visited by many stalwarts in the food equipment industry and the quality of the products was appreciated by many.

The stall was manned by Chef Abhinav Saxena, who not only shared with the visitors’ the various tips and tricks of using Kohe knives, but also demonstrated their many uses. He exhibited the state-of-the-art blades by not just cutting, peeling, and slicing everyday vegetables, but also showed how easy it is to perform intricate tasks like engraving a watermelon with the right kind of Kohe knife.

Prior to the fair, Kohe also ran a selfie contest for all the visitors as well as the exhibitors of AHAAR 2022. The contest called for all participants to click a selfie with the Kohe stall at AHAAR 2022 and tag them in the said picture, in return for exciting coupons from Kohe.

AHAAR 2022 hosted an array of exhibitors displaying the latest and widest ranges of products and services from the food and hospitality industry. These included Fresh Produce & Dairy Products, Confectionery/ Chocolate/ Desserts, Bakery Products & Ingredients Organic & Health Products, Frozen, Canned & Processed Products, Meat, Poultry & Sea Foods, Cheese & Fine Specialty Food, Snacks & Convenience Food, Food Ingredients, Additives and Preservatives Coffee & Tea, Syrups, Juices & Energy Drinks and many more.

As manufacturers of a range of premium knives and peelers, Kohe products enable regular cooks, amateurs and professional chefs alike to showcase their skills to the world, in a unique fashion. Each and every product is carefully crafted and backed by years of expertise which is why today, Kohe is a trusted brand in the culinary world.

Time and again Kohe has delivered on its promise for quality and reliability, and constantly innovates its products to empower cooking enthusiasts and enable them to express their own identity and stay unique!