Kohe Bengaluru Event (2023)


Kohe is a brand name which signifies Tradition, Quality and Reliability. The brand recently participated in the World of Hospitality event 2023, held at the Bengaluru Palace Ground from 13th-15th June. The event was a huge success and received an overwhelming response from the visitors. The experience was surreal and could not be defined in words.

Our chefs at Kohe joined us for a great learning and informative experience. It was fun and creative meeting people who are interested in the Culinary Art. Our talented team was at the event catering to the needs of the visitors. Our chef did extraordinary work and became the highlight of the show. All the visitors enjoyed and learned about precise chopping, slicing and cutting from our chef using the amazing Kohe Products.

Kohe products are safe, easy to use and attractive. When you pick Kohe Knives, you choose sharpness, accuracy, and individuality. We prepare you to become the culinary expert you have always wanted to be! We have a wide variety of knives for all types of cutting, chopping, and slicing usage. Kohe provides a person with shrewd, enduring, and performance-driven kitchen tools thanks to its history of usage, design, and ergonomics experience. Our products help everyday chefs, food aficionados, and aspiring professionals become creative masters of cutting-edge cuisine in addition to serving as every household’s go-to kitchen guru.

The Kohe products range added to the fervor of the trade fair. Kohe showcased its wide variety of Kitchen items sold across the country. While the trade fair catered to numerous collections of products,We are proud to steal the thunder of the show!

The evening was full of innovations and technology but Kohe topped it all with its excellent marketing and service to the customers.  A person who knows Art can understand how important it is to have tools which are easy to use and efficient. In the event, we promoted adapting a healthy lifestyle and eating fresh vegetables and fruits. Many people who joined us displayed their talent of making salads of different styles and different varieties.

All in all it was a great experience and we look forward to hosting more such events. Getting in touch with you all makes us a proud and confident company. We have strengthened the trust and confidence of our consumers and continue to remain the best in the business. See you soon again!