What's better than pasta on a lazy evening? Get an easy-to-make pasta recipe from Chef Siddhant.

31st Aug 2022

Want to turn your lazy boring day into a happening and fun day? If yes, then make this Plate of Tasty Pasta for yourself with Kohe!

In the new video of Kohe, the very dashing Chef Siddhant is seen making delicious veggie Pasta. He is great cook and has prepared this delicious recipe for all of us. The mouth-watering, irresistible Pasta is so easy to make when you are using Kohe Kitchen Products. The sharp – edged Kohe Knife and scissors makes it easier to chop off veggies quickly and without hurting the fingers.

To make this delightful plate of Pasta, we need Bell peppers, Broccoli, onion, Mushrooms, Olive, Oil, A packet of Pasta, Cheese, and Spices like oregano seasoning, chilli flakes, salt, and black pepper powder. Firstly, the chef has boiled pasta in a Utensil with a pinch of salt and oil so that it does not stick in the pan. After the pasta is boiled, take a pan, put some butter in it on low flame and put all the veggies in it. Sauté for a while and sprinkle spices according to your taste. You can add different sauce for magnificent flavour. Take out the veggies from the pan now and put some butter in it again then use some milk and stir it well. Add some sauces, cream and mix the veggies along with the boiled pasta in it. You’ll have mouth- watering, delicious pasta in your plate.

The way Chef Siddhant has made this delightful plate of Pasta leaves us craving for it. The process of cooking reflects the taste and irresistible flavours of the Pasta. With each and every bite, the taste and smell of the pasta mixes up in your heart and mouth.

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